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Instrumental acoustic duet which composes with the Essence of the musics of the world.
  • Katsu
    Greek Bouzouki, Irish Bouzouki Guitar, Bodhran, Percussion, Jew's Harp, Vocals
    Katsu's sound journey started with an explonation into folk, rock and experimental noise music. In the early 1990's, he started to become more interested in the resonance of ethnic instruments, and his travels around Europe and Asia taught him many things about music and sound. He found that despite the diverse differences in style between genres and music of the East and West this music can cross borders and speak to our feelings. He came to the understanding that making music and exploring musical instruments are universal among people all ages and cultures, and he leads workshops teaching people how to make simple instruments out of bamboo and play them. Recently he has been incorporating poetry and storytelling with music and is exploring further possibilities with sound.
  • Miho
    Tin whistle, Low whistle, Ocarina, Melodion, Bamboo flute, Tibetan Bells, Percussion, Vocals
    Miho's musical history started when she was about 11 years old. She played the trumpet in a school band, and when she left, she went on to university where she continued to play in classical concerts but felt something was missing-her heart yeaned for something more, so she decided to travel to the West. she stopped playing music for a while, because the way she had been playing up until then felt very limiting. This all changed when she went to Ireland. There she met musicians who played from the heart-music connected to the land, and that connects brings them together, and gives them meaning and joy. Katsu joined miho, and Kuri was born in Dublin. Being in Ireland made her want to get back in touch with her own roots to make music not in a traditional way, but with a spirit generated informed by their Japanese blood and yet also infused with some of the places they visit and the music they hear along the way.




KURI 2007年12月フィリピンコーディリエラ ユースエコサミットのステージにて

KURI Dec.2007:Philippines


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